Worshipping Lali

Where the wild things grow


Your discomfort is a holy ally, a redeeming interruption. Where you are most confused, exhausted, distressed and compromised, is where the wild things grow. Where crazy colours, beguiling angel’s trumpets, decadent air ferns and wise old spruces sprout with festive abandon. Where the thrumming of frogs, the discourse of cricket limbs, the ambivalence of a nightly mist, and the audience of a delighted moon contrive an unheard score. It’s where your primal self, where the unthought, calls to you softly – reminding you that you are not to be easily resolved, reminding you that you are larger than you could ever imagine. Beyond story, beyond creed, beyond reason, beyond reality.

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Falling might very well be flying – without the tyranny of coordinates.