Worshipping Lali

We are a performance

The most obvious function of a mask is to conceal, to hide away, to obscure the gritty details. What is not so obvious – the jocular paradox lurking in-between the lines, behind the apparition – is that masks reveal much more than they conceal. To wear a mask is not so much to disguise a face as it is to disclose another. And such is the beauty of masks…and of ‘selves’.

There is no real ‘I’ lurking behind the scenes, cringing in the shadows of a favored performer, awaiting the curtains to scream to the dark-hued ceilings. There is no beating core, no sodium furnace, no abiding center. We are spread ‘apart’, inescapably undone…woven with the wind, tapered to the rising crests and the crashing waves – sewn with the threads of paradox, in contradictory colors. There is no face behind the mask – there is only the mask. We are performers; better yet, we are a performance. And the conscientious seeker who seeks the man behind the actor will find a more accomplished actor still.

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Falling might very well be flying – without the tyranny of coordinates.