What A Localized World Looks Like

Localizing economies has immense benefits for everyone. Shortening the links between producers and consumers increases food security, lessens our environmental impact, strengthens our communities, creates more meaningful jobs and prosperity, vitalizes diversity and connects us with nature.

An extraordinary panel and audience conversation with four insightful speakers from the conference: Helena Norberg-Hodge, Adebayo Clement Akomolafe, Manish Jain, and Michael Shuman. Mick O’Regan is the host.

Localization in action across the planet. What localization is and isn’t. It is an economic framework for human scale and ecological economies, fundamental change for the better. Bringing the food economy home. Better ways to think and act to nurture everyone – people and nature.

Envisioning the Future: What would a Localized World Look Like?
The Economics of Happiness Conference 2013 – Plenary 5
Byron Bay, Australia, March 15-17

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