Worshipping Lali

Look around you…

Everything begins in the middle. There are no beginnings that appear unperturbed, pristine and without hauntings. And there are no endings that are devoid of traces of the new, spontaneous departures from disclosure, and simmering events that are yet to happen. The middle isn’t the space between things, it is the world in its ongoing practices of worlding itself.

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  • ilyse on January 16, 2017

    Once upon a time I found myself channeling a short story written in the 1st person, with a dog named Fox as my interlocutor and companion. Fox told a story within the story and my character asked, “That’s it? What kind of ending is that for the story?” Fox, whose philosophical understanding far exceeded my own, replied, “A story never ends, you know, you just leave off telling it somewhere.” I hadn’t stopped to consider (though Fox undoubtedly did) that the same thing applies to beginnings — so, thanks.

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Falling might very well be flying – without the tyranny of coordinates.