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This section is constantly updated. The listing below is partial. If you’d like to start a conversation with Bayo, or know more about his work, speeches, travels, courses and engagements, please use the contact form below.

Bayo Akomolafe (PhD) is Executive Director and Chief Curator of The Emergence Network, host of We Will Dance with Mountains, and co-host of One World in Dialogue. He convenes the Humusities project. He was co-host and regular guest on Voice America’s ‘Revolutionary Wellness Talk Radio‘ with Rochelle McLaughlin. He is an expert facilitator and consultant with UNESCO. On the Broken Compass unschooling project, initiated and curated by Ijeoma Precious Clement Akomolafe, and inspired by their daughter Alethea Aanya, Bayo defines his role as Assistant Comet Catcher, noticing that his noblest calling is to serve the fragility of the small and the magical.

Engagements in 2020

January 2020 [Interview]: For the Wild Podcast

January 8: An interview with Ayana Young of ‘For the Wild’ Podcast 

[Interview]: Science and Non-Duality

January 12: (In Order to Find our Way, We Must Become Lost) Vera De Chalambert will be interviewing Bayo Akomolafe. See link for details.

Chennai, India: The Emergence Network

January 20-24: (‘Nepantla’ Retreat: The Postactivism Gathering for Curators and Friends of The Emergence Network)

February 2020 [Being and Doing Online Summit]: Interview by Host, Jeff Charno

February 5: Bayo Akomolafe will join 25 other teachers across the globe in a conversation with Jeff Charno

[Webinar – A 3-part Live Series hosted by Science and Non-Duality]: Hosted by SAND

February 9, 16, 23: Postactivism – The World is Alive and That Changes Everything In this 3-part webinar series, Bayo Akomolafe invokes the wisdom of his native lands in West Africa: “The times are urgent, let us slow down.” Reading this humbling vocation to “slow down” as an invitation to rethink our imaginations of activism, justice and power, and attend to the more-than-human processes in and around us.

Rio de Janeiro / São Paulo / Bahia, Brazil (Vunja Tour): Hosted by Camilla Cardoso, Carolina Coutinho and Keyna Eleison

February 12 – February 23: Dr Bayo Akomolafe will be visiting and speaking-listening with academics, community leaders, activists, dance instructors, storytellers and the Local Organizing Community for the upcoming Vunja Festival in Brazil. His tour will include talks and workshops.

Seattle, Washington: Spiritual Directors International

February 24 – 28: [Partnership Retreat for Curators of The Emergence Network and Spiritual Directors International] Curators Aerin Dunford, Jiordi Rosales and Bayo Akomolafe will be in contemplative/strategic retreat with Seifu Anil Singh-Morales and Frederica Helmiere planning for the joint projects between TEN and SDI.

March 2020 [MOVED ONLINE DUE TO COVID-19] London, England: St. Ethelburga’s Centre for Reconciliation and Peace 

March 27: [Trickster, Monster, Other – New and Ancient Wisdoms for Seeing in the Dark] Speech/Talk/Conversation with Pat McCabe – Woman Stands Shining at St. Ethelburga’s Centre for Reconciliation and Peace. Dr Akomolafe is also Honorary Adviser for the Radical Resilience Project for St. Ethelburga’s.

[MOVED ONLINE DUE TO COVID-19] London, England: Advaya Initiative

March 27 – 29: [The Climate Crisis: Me, You & the ‘More-than-Human’, with Pat McCabe & Bayo Akomolafe] At the Quadrangle, Kent.

[MOVED ONLINE DUE TO COVID-19] London, England: Advaya Initiative

March 30: [What do you do when there’s no hope? A Climate Conversation with Bayo Akomolafe and Toni Spencer] At 42 Acres, Shoreditch.

April 2020 [CANCELLED DUE TO COVID-19] Clare, Ireland: HedgeWise Festival April 2 – 5: [Reclaiming Our Indigenous Roots] Bayo Akomolafe will be giving a keynote address (When Roots Wander) and holding a workshop (Let us Make Sanctuary)

[CANCELLED DUE TO COVID-19] Amsterdam, Netherlands: Other Futures Festival

April 10 – 12: Bayo Akomolafe has been invited by the organizers of Other Futures to speak at the event. More details soon.

[INTERVIEW by Rick Archer from Buddha at the Gas Pump]

April 18: Bayo will be interviewed by Rick Archer.

[CANCELLED DUE TO COVID-19] Santa Fe, New Mexico: SDI 30th Anniversary Conference

April 23 – 26: [Spiritual Companionship for our Times] Bayo Akomolafe will be hosting a workshop called ‘Coming Down to Earth: Making Sanctuary as Spiritual Companionship’

May 2020 Johannesburg, South Africa: IDRC/UNESCO Co-Design Workshop – The Capacity to Decolonize

May 4 – 8: Dr. Akomolafe has been invited to help build a process that might deepen the methodology of Futures Literacy in Africa.

[Online Course]: Speak the Spark – Storytelling for a New Paradigm

May 5: Bayo Akomolafe will be teaching a session on the online course run by Leah Lamb.

[Online] Seattle, Washington, USA: Spiritual Directors International Hosts an Online Lecture/Town Hall/Workshop by Bayo Akomolafe (1 in Series of 2 Lectures)

May 15 – 17: Details coming soon.

Krusenberg Herrgård, Lake Eköln, Sweden: Climate Change Leadership Residential Symposium

May 26 – 28: [The Role of the University in a Changing Climate] Bayo Akomolafe and EJ Clement-Akomolafe will join a symposium to have conversations about climate matters and the nuanced intra-actions with the university as presently composed.

[Online Event]: The Wilds Beyond Climate Justice

May 31 – June 4: The Emergence Network will be hosting an earth-wide gathering and online gathering to open up places of power and imagination in response to climate collapse. Support us. Visit The Emergence Network‘s website for more details or write

Registration for We Will Dance With Mountains 2020 opens. Begins August – December 2020.

June 2020 Totnes, England: Schumacher College (Joining via Skype]

June 8 – 19: [Sacred Activism] Bayo Akomolafe will be teaching a session online.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: Vunja Festival

June 26 – 28: More details soon!

July 2020 Charleston, SC, USA: The Lowcountry Mental Health Conference

July 30 – 31: Bayo Akomolafe has been invited to give a keynote address followed by a workshop.

August 2020 Idanha-a-Nova, Portugal: 2020 BOOM Festival

August 1 – 4: Bayo Akomolafe has been invited to speak at the Boom Festival, a gathering of up to 50,000 people from around the world.

September 2020 Boston, MA, USA: Spiritual Directors International Hosts a Lecture/Town Hall/Workshop by Bayo Akomolafe (2 in Series of 2 Lectures)September 11 – 13: Details coming soon.

Scotts Valley, CA, USA: 1440 Multiversity

September 15 – 19: [Psychedelic Solutions: Changing Minds, Changing Culture] Bayo Akomolafe has been invited to give the keynote and be part of a panel of discussion with other faculty. Details soon.

October 2020 San Jose, CA, USA: Science and Nonduality Conference (SAND 2020) ‘Living and Dying

October 21 – 25: Bayo Akomolafe is an invited speaker at the SAND event, and will also be co-hosting a pre-conference workshop with Charles Eisenstein (October 21 and 22)

Peterborough-Nogojiwanang, Toronto: Kawartha World Issues Centre 

October (TBD): Bayo Akomolafe is in conversations with the leadership of KWIC to hold talks and lead workshops in October in partnership with the community of Peterborough.

November 2020 Coming shortly.
December 2020 Coming shortly.

Most Recent Engagements in 2018/2019

June 2019 Totnes, England:

June 3 – 7: Bayo will be teaching the Sacred Activism course at Schumacher College.

Toronto, Canada:

[TBD] Bayo will be part of meetings and talks at OCAD University

July 2019 California, USA: Bayo Akomolafe will be teaching the ‘Critical Topics in Depth Psychology’ course on July 9 and 10 at the Pacifica Graduate Institute.
November 2018 Rowe, Massachusetts, USA: Rowe Center

November 16 – 18: The Times are Urgent, Let us Slow Down

November 2018 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: 

[November 8 – 11] Dr Akomolafe has been invited to give special talks, workshops and a keynote at ColaborAmerica Festival

November 9 – “Libations: The postactivism of water”: Bayo Akomolafe (with Jiordi Rosales) speaks about the posthuman(ist), ecofeminist, multispecies thinking occasioned by the Anthropocene, which invites us to notice water as animated and ourselves as ‘watery bodies’ (Astrida Neimanis). He goes on to suggest that the gesture of pouring water (ritualized in libation ceremonies practiced around the world) calls attention to the transcorporeal agency of flow – and that an ethics of flow proceeds from this outlook that in turn opens up new modes of thinking with and making kin with the world around us.

November 10 – Keynote on Postactivism and Responsivity in a World Alive

November 11: Reimagining Education workshop with Manish Jain

November 12: Visit to The Museum of Tomorrow and Talk with Vanessa Andreoti

Lexington, MA, USA:

[November 15] (Morning) Talk with students of the Lexington High School at 251 Waltham Street. (Evening) Special Guest Speaker at an evening community event holding called ‘The Wilds Beyond our Fences: The Way is Awkward, not Forward‘ (Venue: Scottish Rite Museum and Library).

Berlin, Germany:

[November 15] Keynote Address via video conference to the Kulturweit Project of the German Commission for UNESCO – “Power-sensitive and diversity-sustaining education”. Dr. Akomolafe has been specially invited to speak to facilitators and young German volunteers going abroad for 6-12 months working in German institutions in Asian, African and East European countries. He’ll be responding to questions like: “How can we deal with racism and decolonisation without falling into categories of ‘good’ and ‘evil’? What is the new ethos that is demanded from us? How can we dismantle power linked with white normativity? And what does that mean for non-formal education?” Dr. Akomolafe’s Keynote will be live via video conference.

Rowe, MA, USA:

[November 16-18] Workshop at Rowe Center: “The Times are Urgent, Let us Slow Down[Description] How we respond to a crisis is very often a part of the crisis, says Bayo. Today “we are not only seeing how consequential human activity is to the planet we call home,” he says. “We are also…seeing that we are indeed ‘monstrous,’ composite, entangled, spread out and mangled up.” This is why the usual solutions will not work and may make things worse, and why instead of rushing into them it may be better to slow down and try to see our planet’s emergencies in new ways. Bayo will enchant your vision and awaken you to possibilities that are often dismissed in our quests for convenient and immediate resolutions. 

Paris, France:

[November 30 – December 1] Dr. Akomolafe has been invited as a Founder of the Plurality University in Paris.  A 2-day Founders’ Meeting takes place at this time.

Falling might very well be flying – without the tyranny of coordinates.