Worshipping Lali

Crossings of black bodies

The stripes you cut in my back will bleed the blood that will anoint the soil whence you and I came, and where you and I will return. This moment will leave none of us intact.

Bayo Akomolafe
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  • Carolyn North on February 19, 2019

    Bayo, I tried sending this to your address, but it returned. YES to both these posts! You are with me every day. Here was my reply to the last ones.

    hi dearest Bayo wherever you are now –

    The other day I was introducing some members of my community to your work via your many YouTubes, and we came upon the one of how the times are urgent, and so we must slow down – a perfect introduction to a group of amazing, energetic, visionary young ones doing great things. I’ve been asked to be the first elder in their remarkable community, and my job right now is to help keep them healthy and not in overwhelm. Their job will be to build me a cottage (with me helping design, etc) and live with me while I age, and then learn about the dying process from me when it is my time. We love one another, and I believe – and hope – it will indeed work out well. My 3 children are nervously in cahoots with the plan, and as an erzatz offspring – are you still in on our agreement? – you have to know about it too. I may have to introduce you by Skype or Zoom to the 7 of them, as they have done with my 3 others, so you are all in on the plan.

    You’ll be enthusiastic about what they – we, in fact – are doing on our 13 acre farm just at the edge of the East Bay cities, growing food for the larger community, providing jobs for men paroled from prison, creating a multi-generational eco-village, teaching farming cross culturally. You might want to check them out – all 3 organizations comprise the core community:

    Meanwhile, I contemplate the world and our growing pains in shifting to a higher vibration, marvel at how adept our ‘fearless leaders’ are at deconstructing what needs to let go and also marvel at how adept our young ones are, like yourself, at articulating the new direction we have to all take. Scary, indeed, but worth applauding all the same. I see our dear Trump as a vaudeville actor, overdoing his job to the max to make us so outraged, so frightened, so unbelieving that we have no choice but to do exactly the opposite – like little kids disobeying the parents. I hope he’s enjoying his role because he is, after all, the fall guy, the man we love to hate. And I see you, and people with the smarts and courage that you have, gently but firmly taking the reins and steering the horse onto a higher and more beautiful – though difficult – path. Thank you.

    So, there’s more, of course, but you’re a busy fellow and I’ll let you get back to your job of helping to save us all. My love goes to you and to your gorgeous wife and glorious children, and I’d love to know how you are, what you are up to these days, and where your heart is. If I were close enough to make you chicken soup and home baked bread, I would.

    Blessings to you –

    Mama Carolyn

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