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We are undone

‘This is to invite you into the waters, at the edge of mystery; my quest is not to make the ‘unknown’ known but to query our fear of it and, more prominently, share stories how the supposedly known is just as much a transient province of effluvious mystery. We are subjects of the dark – …Continue Reading >>>

At the blink of a new word

At the stroke of a painter’s brush, the heaving of a writer’s pen, the twist in a minstrel’s chanting, the world dies again and again – and a new one springs awake to acknowledge the artist’s magnificence.

We are all flying

Nothing repulses the poet-weaver like ‘facts’ or the cultural compulsion she feels to place her feet firmly on the ‘ground’ – for the poet is an offspring of chaos, consciousness dissatisfied, Maya playing in an orchard of mirrors. Reality is too small for her…too stifling. She knows there is no ground. There are no facts. …Continue Reading >>>

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Falling might very well be flying – without the tyranny of coordinates.