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Category Archives: A politics of surprise

When you are not looking

A bright morning beckons at the end of the tunnel. Yet, I am almost convinced that the next brilliant dawn over the landscapes of human experience will not emerge from our familiar attempts to scramble towards the light. Light is the grand container of the familiar, the holding space for the feasible – and the …Continue Reading >>>

We are the guru

The fonts of the next moment of human be-ing will not be received via the experts, the great ones, the sages, the assuredly wise – it will come from the anonymous, the throbbing collective, the outliers, the mad prophets, the psychedelic explorers, the crazy poets; they together are the guru, steeped in indeterminacy, tugging on …Continue Reading >>>

Seismic shiftings, troubled surfaces

I am increasingly convinced that we are dwelling in those solemn moments in between the earth’s heartbeats – in those moments when everything is preternaturally still and silently foreboding; in those moments when our skies seem to have no linings, and the merchants of the ‘normal’ continue to drink to their endless profiteering. However, the …Continue Reading >>>

Falling might very well be flying – without the tyranny of coordinates.