Worshipping Lali

the emergence network!

What if the way we respond to the crisis is part of the crisis?

I am thrilled to share these sparkling, magical moments in the unfurling of our project, ‘the emergence network’ – a platform conspiring to evoke an activism of inquiry, a politics of surprise. A radical departure from conventional discourse on change. And an invitation to reconfigure our cherished concepts about agency, about time, about what is possible.

The curators of ‘the emergence network’ (Eric Chisler, Nuno Da Silva, Alnoor Ladha, Annie Levin, and me) are excited to host a Web Gathering called ‘An Expedition into the Borderlands of Activism’ (October 12-16). We are summoning an electrifying (and unusual!) quanta of adventurers from around the world – veteran activists, shamans, artistes, hacktivists, farmers, academics, healers, poets, remote viewers, journalists, game designers, and more – to take this journey with us, and weave a quilt of surprising insights about the multiple crises of our time. This process is how we hope to spark off ‘the emergence network’, and introduce a little irony and turbulence to the discourse on change today.

“There are no solutions; there is only the ongoing practice of being open and alive to each meeting, each intra-action, so that we might use our ability to respond, our responsibility, to help awaken, to breathe life into ever new possibilities for living justly.” ~ Karen Barad


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Falling might very well be flying – without the tyranny of coordinates.