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TRACES Truth – once known as the final word on any matter – is only possible in a world that is calculable and still. But that is not the world we live in or live with or live by; this world strays from abstractual fidelity, and is known only in small moments, in thick particularities, …Continue Reading >>>

To love…

To love is to be contradicted, crossed out, challenged, troubled and shaken so thoroughly that we find the other – right there in the middle of what we once thought was our own soul.

Interstellar interruptions

A 19th century French novelist, Charles Baudelaire, wrote the short story ‘Counterfeit Money’ – which focuses on the nature of gift. Algerian philosopher Derrida used this short story to trouble the idea that gifts reinforce mutuality. That is, in answer to the questions – “Should one expect something in return when you give a gift? …Continue Reading >>>

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Falling might very well be flying – without the tyranny of coordinates.