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What moves…

The sacred is a doing, a moving. A verb, not a noun. Not a property. One does not “arrive” at the sacred. You can only approach the sacred. Better yet the approach is the sacred. When we then say that everything is sacred, we mean to say that everything moves, everything gushes out, spills through, …Continue Reading >>>

Feminism as trouble

There is a feminism I know of whose other names are ‘deep trouble’ and ‘radical play’, and one whose counsel can be sought after in these times when despair is easy and when the glistening trophy appears to be in the wrong hands. Her/his pronouns are not decipherable, not fixed – and s/he will not …Continue Reading >>>

Seductive grief

Do you imagine grief to be garbed in grey and grave clothes? I imagine her to be speckled with bursts of unnameable colours and animal motifs, to be decked in sensuous membranous swirls of wealth, to be tattooed and embroidered with hieroglyphic secrets. I imagine she jumps, curls, unwinds, and throws her limbs here and …Continue Reading >>>

No escape

I have heard many people say that there is no solution to the Anthropocene. There’s no escape. But why do some thinker-practitioners take it as an article of faith that there is no turning back or averting the crisis in the Anthropocene? That we are beyond the point of no return? Can we not hope …Continue Reading >>>

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Falling might very well be flying – without the tyranny of coordinates.