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Pass the torch

As a son of the African continent, I find it curious when the younger Democratic candidates of this country insist that the older ones “pass the torch” – as if passing torches and the decision about who holds them were singularly up to a few people dressed up in nice suits. Leaders do not pass …Continue Reading >>>

On Student Debt

In the biblical parable of the prodigal son, a wayward boy (let’s call him John) demands a large chunk of his father’s wealth and wanders off into a bohemian horizon, eventually squandering his inheritance in frivolous gestures and needless partying. He ends up poor and returns to his brokenhearted father, depraved and ashamed. To John’s …Continue Reading >>>


For an essay on “climate disruption”, I have been reading Karen Barad through Quentin Meillassoux, thinking diffractively with the concept of the messianic and the latter’s speculative realist notion of unthinkability. I’m thinking of the response-abilities possible in a time of bleak optimism. While slugging through their dense writings, Alethea broke through with a painting …Continue Reading >>>

Head and Heart

There is a subtle but pervasive anti-intellectualism that barely registers above the din of countercultural discourse and the newfound affinity for everything indigenous and other-than-western. It is still noticeable though. This anti-intellectualism is a rejection of (or wariness about) the ‘head’ and its dominance over the ‘heart’. We probably don’t talk about it enough, but …Continue Reading >>>

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Falling might very well be flying – without the tyranny of coordinates.