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In the book, “Inclinations: A Critique of Rectitude”, Adriana Cavarero makes the case that the old Western figure of man as upright in posture has moral and political significance. That is, she notices how this classical figuration of man as vertical and erect performs the imperatives of rectitude, and obscures the idea that we are …Continue Reading >>>

Knowledge is the alchemical touch of bodies in movement

Imagine the universal scientist’s angst. He wants the alchemist’s gold…pure unvarnished knowledge of the world as it is. Untainted by bias, perspective, context or ground. Because to him knowledge is ideational, the free-floating reflection of the noumenal. Knowledge is distance, the privileged view from the luxury of dissociation. So he asks a question, and sets …Continue Reading >>>


I imagine that authenticity is not a goal, not a destination, but the journey of an ever ‘deepening’ hypocrisy meeting itself in the terror and peace of its vastness. To have arrived at being one’s ‘authentic self’ is to attempt to disentangle oneself from the flow and rush of things. It is to make painful …Continue Reading >>>


It’s time to turn squarely to time itself; it’s time to take time: for so long, most of the colonized world – including Africa – has been educated into the idea that there is only one time, and that this time stretches from an unsophisticated past to the glittering future, one which only the raptured …Continue Reading >>>

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Falling might very well be flying – without the tyranny of coordinates.