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Losing shape is queering identity

Slowing down is not a matter of reducing velocity, but changing shape by touching the unwieldy ponderousness and excessiveness of our bodies. This is the trickster’s revolution modernity cannot compute – a ‘revolution’ deeper than arriving at justice. If the modern affect is to index bodies in easily categorizable shapes of identity, if this is …Continue Reading >>>

Let’s make sanctuary as fascism rises

In Israel, with new rulings, gatherings of more than 50 people are now subject to restrictions, and the right to protest is severely regulated. Towards Israel’s east, India’s newly re-elected Hindu nationalist leader, under the guise of an intoxicating patriotism, nullifies the rights of Kashmiris and clamps down on dissent, reformulating what was once a …Continue Reading >>>

The violence of the autobiographical

The autobiographical is a form of rhetorical violence because in rendering intelligible an account of our ‘selves’, we obscure the embodied and molecular forces which shape us and yet resist intelligibility. This is to say that identity is a performance that cuts away the processes of becoming in order to elucidate the presence of being.

On diversity

Diversity is not necessarily a threat to capitalist modernity. As a matter of fact, modernity needs difference in order to arrange hierarchical structures of subjects. It would no sooner tolerate equality of subjects than give up the idea of subjecthood. What’s scandalous to modernity is not epistemic plurality, intersectionality or the proliferation of ‘identities’; what’s …Continue Reading >>>

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Falling might very well be flying – without the tyranny of coordinates.