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Knowledge is the alchemical touch of bodies in movement

Imagine the universal scientist’s angst. He wants the alchemist’s gold…pure unvarnished knowledge of the world as it is. Untainted by bias, perspective, context or ground. Because to him knowledge is ideational, the free-floating reflection of the noumenal. Knowledge is distance, the privileged view from the luxury of dissociation. So he asks a question, and sets …Continue Reading >>>


I imagine that authenticity is not a goal, not a destination, but the journey of an ever ‘deepening’ hypocrisy meeting itself in the terror and peace of its vastness. To have arrived at being one’s ‘authentic self’ is to attempt to disentangle oneself from the flow and rush of things. It is to make painful …Continue Reading >>>


It’s time to turn squarely to time itself; it’s time to take time: for so long, most of the colonized world – including Africa – has been educated into the idea that there is only one time, and that this time stretches from an unsophisticated past to the glittering future, one which only the raptured …Continue Reading >>>


Applause – however raucous – is to the real magician a signal of failure, an indication that she has merely entertained the senses of her audience…when what she really wants to do is to shock them into whimpering silence, and break them out of their convention of presuming that what they see before them has …Continue Reading >>>

Grief and gratitude

Grief, the desire of bodies for what is lost, needs gratitude to be fully itself. And gratitude only knows itself through a sense of what it might lose. Together they are the rhythm of things, the silence and the drumbeat that give birth to everything…written into the fabric of possibility. Bayo Akomolafe

Falling might very well be flying – without the tyranny of coordinates.