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Post By: Bayo Akomolafe

Head and Heart

There is a subtle but pervasive anti-intellectualism that barely registers above the din of countercultural discourse and the newfound affinity for everything indigenous and other-than-western. It is still noticeable though. This anti-intellectualism is a rejection of (or wariness about) the ‘head’ and its dominance over the ‘heart’. We probably don’t talk about it enough, but …Continue Reading >>>

Spectral immigration

Spectral Immigration An older gentleman in Iowa asked me: “As a non-American, what do you think is our greatest problem in America today?” I replied, “I’m not sure about it being the ‘greatest’, but I would say immigration.” He nodded his head as if in agreement, so I drove the real point home: “By immigration, …Continue Reading >>>


Crossroads The cuts you make on my back, the stripes you burn into my skin, the rift you tear open in the Atlantic ocean, as you pull me away from my kin, from my captors, from my memories and gods and demons, they will undo us both. My blood is now on your hands, splashed across clean linen. My cells, splintered and traumatized …Continue Reading >>>


There is fire on the mountain. Run. Run. Run. The recent warnings of climate scientists published by the IPCC – that we have about eleven years (till 2030) to put our houses in order or risk environmental degradation, suffering and annihilation on a scale not seen before – are neither new nor universally urgent. Non-white …Continue Reading >>>

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Falling might very well be flying – without the tyranny of coordinates.