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To love…

To love is to be contradicted, crossed out, challenged, troubled and shaken so thoroughly that we find the other – right there in the middle of what we once thought was our own soul.

Interstellar interruptions

A 19th century French novelist, Charles Baudelaire, wrote the short story ‘Counterfeit Money’ – which focuses on the nature of gift. Algerian philosopher Derrida used this short story to trouble the idea that gifts reinforce mutuality. That is, in answer to the questions – “Should one expect something in return when you give a gift? …Continue Reading >>>

This unease

This unease at the seat of your belly, like a precious lover’s note squeezed into the palms of a soldier at war, has braved the fierce winds of the normal. Tend to her wounds. Be hospitable to her. Her message is dire: that there is more to the world we take for granted. That behind …Continue Reading >>>

Out the box

If colonization places us in boxes, one might think that ‘decolonization’ is the act of coming out of the box. Moving from here to there. But that would be another silent instance of ‘whiteness’: the mythical condition that enlists us in the practice of seeing things as discrete, not relational; as simple, not complex and …Continue Reading >>>

Re/membering History

I find fascinating the arguments offered by those who defend the statues and monumental structures scattered across the United States, which celebrate the leaders of the Confederacy. As activists insist that these structures are reminiscent of slavery and racism – painful memories of wage-less labour, broken ancestral lines and abuse – the defenders of these …Continue Reading >>>

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Falling might very well be flying – without the tyranny of coordinates.