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Post By: Bayo Akomolafe

New frontiers

The new frontier is not outer space. Nor is it inner space. It is humiliation. Humus. Mother earth. The loamy bacchuspheres and queer worlds beneath our feet…the endarkened depths that compost our practices of mastery and arrival. This is where we must go: not where no man has ever bravely gone before, but where no …Continue Reading >>>

Death unmoored

I think humanism’s last trick, harangued as it is by the critical gaze now focused upon deleterious human efforts in the Anthropocene, is to conjure sympathetic glimpses of a world entirely shorn of the dreaded human figure. Human-centredness asks meekly and ironically: “Would the world be better off without us?” In doing so, it perhaps …Continue Reading >>>


Ghosthugging: the postactivist practice of exercising radical hospitality to the invisible, or entering into earnest and sympathetic alliances with that which has been summarily excluded by our modern arrangements as irrelevant or immaterial (ancestors, the environment, the past, nonhuman lives, the so-called global south, black and coloured bodies, etc). Ghosthugging (as opposed to ghost-busting!) brings …Continue Reading >>>

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Falling might very well be flying – without the tyranny of coordinates.