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Post By: Bayo Akomolafe

The violence of the autobiographical

The autobiographical is a form of rhetorical violence because in rendering intelligible an account of our ‘selves’, we obscure the embodied and molecular forces which shape us and yet resist intelligibility. This is to say that identity is a performance that cuts away the processes of becoming in order to elucidate the presence of being.

On diversity

Diversity is not necessarily a threat to capitalist modernity. As a matter of fact, modernity needs difference in order to arrange hierarchical structures of subjects. It would no sooner tolerate equality of subjects than give up the idea of subjecthood. What’s scandalous to modernity is not epistemic plurality, intersectionality or the proliferation of ‘identities’; what’s …Continue Reading >>>

Pass the torch

As a son of the African continent, I find it curious when the younger Democratic candidates of this country insist that the older ones “pass the torch” – as if passing torches and the decision about who holds them were singularly up to a few people dressed up in nice suits. Leaders do not pass …Continue Reading >>>

On Student Debt

In the biblical parable of the prodigal son, a wayward boy (let’s call him John) demands a large chunk of his father’s wealth and wanders off into a bohemian horizon, eventually squandering his inheritance in frivolous gestures and needless partying. He ends up poor and returns to his brokenhearted father, depraved and ashamed. To John’s …Continue Reading >>>

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