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Monthly Archives: July 2016

Cameras ‘make’ pictures

Mirrors don’t reflect images. Mirrors create images. Cameras don’t ‘take’ pictures, they make them. The bubble is burst: the world is not innocent; even ‘tools’ have agentic effects. And how we measure crisis is also part of the crisis.

Meeting the terrain

To make a new world, to move it, to wipe the slate clean, to start again, to retell these stories of injustices and exclusions and untimely death and soiled seas – what a heady and ravishing proposal(!), albeit one haunted by a troubling prospect: the fonts of a ‘new story’ are not ours to wield. …Continue Reading >>>

A bokeh of playful lights

The saccharine waves relentlessly crash upon the shore – each mad arrival no less quizzical than the previous. The sun rises, then sets; the moon bleaches the undulating surfaces of an oblivious sea; a newborn roe fawn, graceful and ethereal, is eaten by lion. All this time, we ask, ‘what is this for?’ What is …Continue Reading >>>

Falling might very well be flying – without the tyranny of coordinates.