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Monthly Archives: February 2016

Do you feel it?

Can you sense it? Do you feel it? The air is quite suddenly alive with rich proposals, animated by pollinated prospects, charged with yearnings that no longer sound unreasonable. A Pied Piper tune drifts lazily through the streets, alighting softly on things. Like morning dew on yawning stone. What is this grand hush that embroiders …Continue Reading >>>

And the world shrugs back

As incredibly pressing as it may sound, the story of humans going out to fix the world that they are destroying still feeds a politics of binaries, of nature being the vassal of culture, of mind preceding matter, of ‘thought’ being an alien brooding over the moot, and of man rearranging the whole with language. …Continue Reading >>>

Love, if you will

Invisible tentacles embroil us – stones, sages and stories – in a saga, an infectious ecology of co-becoming. A drunken circus of touching. The stain that spoils the white of the cloth. Love, if you will. We would suppose that the grand story of the human is his rise from an undifferentiated primitiveness, through persistence, …Continue Reading >>>


Humility is not merely admitting that the world doesn’t spin around us – because owning up to this still preserves, in small doses, the idea that we are apart from the world, instead of what the world is doing. Humility is recognizing that we are the world’s spin, the dizziness of things. As such, aloofness, …Continue Reading >>>

An orgy of touching

The world is mutually infectious, an orgy of touching. Like turning on the light to see the darkness better, or changing the nature of a photon merely by peeping at how it interacts with obstructions, you cannot approach any one part of ‘the world’, and walk away intact. You cannot witness it without being stained …Continue Reading >>>

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Falling might very well be flying – without the tyranny of coordinates.