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Monthly Archives: September 2015

You are home already

Have you ever lain flat on your back on a sidewalk with your two year old daughter and wife, late on a cold night, serenaded by chirping symphonies, pointing at distant stars and constellations? I am this specific, because I have done this – a bold number of times. During these hours, the senseless profuseness …Continue Reading >>>

The heart knows

A crisis is when the heart gets in the way of the head, when what is possible troubles what is expected. When the unsayable presses against the walls of story, urging it out of its cocoon, its fixations with plot and rhyme and outcome. It is no enemy. There is no enemy, just an ally …Continue Reading >>>

‘Normal service will resume shortly’

Today’s disturbing crisis is not so much peak-oil, intractable poverty, or the innumerable failures of partisan politics and trickle-down economics as it is the piercing humiliation occasioned by these materialities. Our civilizational crisis is probably, more poignantly, the rupture of our collective skin, the blistering surfaces of the enclosure that kept us safely ensconced from …Continue Reading >>>

Death is life touching herself

Where does life come from? The scientific/cultural imaginary of matter presents it as lifeless, inert and mute – until something shocking happens. An invasion of alien lightning disturbing the primordial ooze; a deity breathing ‘life’ into the nostrils of clay mannequins; a writer contorting reality with inspired words. In all instances, life comes from ‘outside’, …Continue Reading >>>

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Falling might very well be flying – without the tyranny of coordinates.