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Monthly Archives: May 2015

Hacking sustainable development

Sustainable development is not our way of embracing our entanglement in the web of life; it has nothing to do with revitalizing our inescapable tethering with ‘nature’ or recognizing that we are materially constituted by agencies and actions outside our control. It is our way of sustaining the primacy of economic advancement and cultural homogenization. …Continue Reading >>>

To know is to be con-fused

An ‘old’ model of knowing presented knowledge as something ‘out there’, something we had to strive for, an ideation that adhered to an ontologically blank world awaiting representation – instead of a direct material engagement with a complex web of practices. Knowledge was accessed from a distance that had to be traversed with strict method …Continue Reading >>>

We live in a dollhouse

We live in a dollhouse – a conceptual prison, a deviously shiny world where everything has been replaced by a plastic imitation; where food isn’t the applause of dirt, seed and song, but shocked cadavers frozen in violent time; where warmth isn’t the spontaneous glow that comes with knowing another is near, but a planned …Continue Reading >>>

Falling might very well be flying – without the tyranny of coordinates.