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Monthly Archives: March 2015

Suffering is intrinsically indeterminate

The psychological turbulence we experience today – the feelings of inadequacy, depression, disenchantment from normative relationships, dissatisfaction with work, the inconsolable anguish that will not be conceptualized – are not indications that something is ‘wrong’ with us or, even more strikingly, that something is wrong with ‘society’. They are indications that ‘we’ are larger, more …Continue Reading >>>

The invention of the individual

My struggles to outthink the deep problems around conceptualizing mental disorders associated with the practice of psychiatry and psychotherapy (I distinguish these fields even though they cascade into each other) took a turn for the dramatic when, in 2008, I began my training as a clinical psychologist in Enugu. Like any other intern, my task …Continue Reading >>>

What miracles allude to

How do you understand a ‘miracle’? We used to think that the ordinary world could be explained in terms of stoic formulas and cosmo-legal stipulations stitched into the very nature of things. The sun rose in the east, the tossed ball fell back to earth, and time untrammeled flowed from the past to the present …Continue Reading >>>

A politics of surprise

Isn’t it uncanny that we actually inhabit the strange, and not the familiar – as we often presume? She, the strangeness of life and reality, fearsome and formidable, swirls and melts and dances around us, through us, and in us. She is not so difficult to notice. All we need do is look. The familiar …Continue Reading >>>

Schooling as imprisonment

In a generic sense, schooling is the modern attempt to distinguish between living and learning; it is based on a rationalist, market-ready notion of knowledge as organized, sophisticated and accessible only via instruments modern civilization provides. The rituals of degrees and certificates, grades and classes, curricula and instructors all play into this narrative, this metaphor. …Continue Reading >>>

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Falling might very well be flying – without the tyranny of coordinates.