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Monthly Archives: January 2015

Perhaps we dream…

What are dreams? It’s exciting to note that in spite of our best technologies and intellectual sophistication, we are none the wiser about our nightly trips to impossible countries and conversations with impossible others. Brain studies have helped throw some weight behind the notion that there are physiological events intimately correlated with dreaming, but the …Continue Reading >>>

We’ve given language too much power

Whenever the Jews spoke about ‘God’ in their texts, they employed a tetragammaton – a four-letter mix of consonants. The English language renders those ancient Hebrew letters as YHWH or, sometimes, JHVH. It wasn’t yellow-bellied cowardice or an incompleteness of ‘revelation’ that inspired this practice. The idea behind using an unpronounceable battery of letters was …Continue Reading >>>

Never not broken

Your brokenness is the universe’s way of realizing that perfection is not complete. Your wounds and flaws, however inconsolable and unforgivable, are a conspiracy of a finer consideration, the triumph of an inexpressible art form, the urge of the cosmos to love herself more intimately. More profoundly. Bayo Akomolafe ‘Broken skin’ by formalART

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Falling might very well be flying – without the tyranny of coordinates.